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30 May 2017 – Paris

Launched in 2006, the Actifs du Patrimoine have become, over the years, the reference awards for innovative...

1 June 2017 – London

CACEIS is sponsor of the Global Infrastructure Investor Summit (GIIS), an annual event on infrastructure...

23-24 May 2017 – Frankfurt

CACEIS is sponsor of the BAI conference, (BAI is the lobby association for Alternative Investments in...

16 May 2017 – Milano

Morningstar and CACEIS jointly organise a discussion about the recommendations from the Financial Stability...

10 May 2017 – Viena

Optimized Risk/Yield Alternative Investment Strategies and Fond Structures

18 May 2017 – Paris 

This year, the Conference's theme is "Building stronger companies in an uncertain world"