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Data Analytics Services

Unleash your data’s full potential !

CACEIS unlocks your data’s potential, enabling you to analyze the results of your business strategy.

By putting Big Data technology to work on your operational data, we are able to deliver a full analysis of your activities, right out of the box. Processing the complex data captured from various sources is entirely handled by CACEIS.

The Data Analytics service was developed to save time and enable you to focus on your number one priority - the growth of your company.

Furthermore, with many of our clients using our Data Analytics infrastructure, you benefit from significant economies of scale.

The Data Analytics service is gradually being rolled out to cover all CACEIS’ products and services. Today, first launch service is "Investor behavior analysis": explaining your fund distribution data, in combination with investor and fund characteristics, giving you a clear view of the impact of marketing initiatives as well as insight into business development opportunities.

The Data Analytics service benefits from an enhanced user interface through our OLIS site:
- For all the areas listed above, we provide you with a global overview, which covers a wide scope of current data on all your funds, and up to 5 years of historical data.
- This comprehensive dashboard view allows you to click and zoom in on a specific element. You can focus on elements such as a particular investor, a fund, a date, a geographical zone or a currency. All the available data can be integrated allowing you to easily perform the analyses.
- As your analysis needs are unique, we also offer a customization service to adapt our standard package to your own requirements.

If you are already a client of CACEIS, get in touch with your relationship manager to find out how to put our Data Analytics service to work on your funds right now.

Data Analytics Services CACEIS manager

«Our Data Analytics service gives you a clear overview of your data, and therefore the results of your strategy»

Mathieu Alia - Group Product Manager

Data Analytics Services : our services

Identify international business development opportunities

Using data from our Fund Distribution division, CACEIS can give you insight into investor behaviour patterns.

Our dashboard offers you a comprehensive and up-to-date vision of the subscription/redemptions of your investors.

By cross-referencing investor data with fund characteristics, we can generate a clear picture of the impact of marketing initiatives.

The service gives you insight into the following:
- Investors’ capital inflows using various analysis techniques
- Change in subscription/redemption rates in terms of size and quantity
- Investor type and profile
- Interrelationships between your investors’ location and your funds’ domicile
- The most significant investors in terms of subscriptions and redemptions

Zoom in on a specific time period, country, currency, investor or any other data point.

With a clearer understanding of your business, you can better identify international business development opportunities. Our fund structuring and fund distribution divisions offer you a range of services to help you take advantage of these opportunities.

«Dive into the heart of your data, switch from a macro point of view to a micro point of view, in the blink of an eye»

Delphine Moulin - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Investors Behavior analysis

    Dive into your data lake!

    In few clicks, analyse you investors’ inflows and outflows and take well-informed strategic decisions.

  • Tailored Analysis

    CACEIS has set up default queries providing top-level analysis of your funds. The default queries are those most requested by our clients. However, as each client is unique, the analyses can be tailored to your specific needs. If the underlying data is available, the analysis possibilities are unlimited.