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Investor behaviour analysis

CACEIS, as one of Europe’s leading fund administrators and centralising agents, accesses to pools of data which can be sorted by fund type in order to obtain relevant indicators and identify changes in investor behaviour. 

On its OLIS website, CACEIS’s Data Analytics Services offer investment management companies running analysis of net fund inflows and key indicators for optimising sales and marketing. 

Multiple Analysis Available Online

Different features developed on the OLIS website display a variety of ex-post analyses of inflows. Indicators are summarised in tables and charts that can be customised and downloaded online. It is possible to zoom dynamically on the various criteria to obtain an instant update of all graphics. Results can be sorted by type of investor, country and distributor. 

The flexibility of the system makes it easier to integrate new selection criteria and thereby allows investment management companies to use the tool independently. Data is updated in real time and covers a five-year history. 

The analysis helps investment management companies determine correlations between investor behaviour and a fund’s performance relative to its benchmark and funds of the same type managed by competitors. This information is paramount in establishing the fund’s commercial positioning. These indicators enable investment management companies to achieve more in-depth marketing analysis in several areas (investor behaviour, advertising impact, distribution network etc.). 

Data analytics services on CACEIS’s OLIS website help investment management companies' marketing, product development and sales teams to adapt their products, distribution networks and promotional campaigns to their clients’ daily investment intentions.