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Cash Equity Clearing: a comprehensive European offer for broker-dealers & banks

© Carlos Manjón

CACEIS’s comprehensive offer brings a dedicated set of services for broker dealers (market makers), retail banks and investment banks

It comprises three main services: market connectivity (interfaces with clearing houses and exchanges), security transaction clearing on the various exchanges, and settlement of ‘on exchange’ and OTC transactions against a Central Counterparty (CCP) and other counterparties using our worldwide custody network. 

Clients of all CACEIS entities benefit from having a single provider to process their transactions, and manage clearing and settlement on markets, stock exchanges and Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) via CCPs. A range of additional services are available to clients, such as custody (corporate actions, interest and dividend management services), cash management, cash forecast, lending for fail coverage, collateral/risk management and FX conversion for transactions in foreign currency. These services can be provided in accordance with the client’s profile. 

In this full-STP, centrally packaged offer, bespoke reports can be sent to clients securely via SWIFT or CACEIS’s web-based communication platform, OLIS. This includes reports on executed securities and cash transactions, collateral requirements, holdings and settlement status. Our report production offer also covers all regulatory reporting requirements. 

No matter the number or size of transactions, or the assets under custody, CACEIS’s service operates at a high level of STP with direct market access to enable timely and accurate transaction processing and a high degree of settlement efficiency. The cash equity clearing offer is a key part of the CACEIS Group’s broad clearing and execution offering, covering cash equity markets, listed derivatives markets and OTC derivatives.