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CACEIS's FX trading services

CACEIS can quote prices inhouse, through its spot and treasury desks, and as rates are quoted directly by CACEIS, without any third parties involved, clients get very competitive rates. 

The dealing room team handles very large trades and smaller trade sizes, all at favourable pricing rates for clients financing securities transactions or hedging currency risk exposure.


The dealing room's operational set-up is unique, as it is tightly integrated with our custody and accounting platforms, and once a single order has been placed with the sales desk, the entire operation is handled via STP across our custody centres. There is no need to send additional payment instructions,

and sums resulting from netted trades are automatically split, as instructed, between the various portfolios concerned. 

As well as being free from the administrative side of the trading function, the integrated nature of CACEIS's dealing room set-up enables clients to trade instruments with the same day value, benefiting from far later cut-off times than possible elsewhere. Reporting features enable customers to know their risk exposure and reconcile their trades at any time online throughout OLIS, CACEIS’s client web site.


CACEIS trading room has had an active presence in the financial markets for over 20 years, and its experience and reputation are now firmly established.

It works exclusively with asset management companies and institutional investors. The serviceis personalised, with a dedicated and experienced team dealing with each individual portfolio profile. This team adapts to each customer's strategy, and suggests the most suitable service. CACEIS strong commitment in this field is shown by its constant innovation in terms of new products and systems, aimed at meeting customer requirements.

It can handle most currencies. It deals with a wide variety of products (spot, swap, outright, non-deliverable forwards, options, etc.).

FX transactions are automatically integrated into CACEIS's banking and fund administration systems. As a result, customers enjoy a comprehensive service covering all asset classes and all currencies thanks to an automated front-toend processing and multiple account cross-entity coverage.