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> > > The changing face of the funds industry

The changing face of the funds industry

From consolidation to cryptocurrencies and beyond

A Funds Europe survey in partnership with CACEIS

The funds industry is in flux. As regulatory costs force established players to consolidate, innovations such as exchange-traded funds and cryptocurrencies threaten to seize an ever-greater market share.

Funds Europe, in association with CACEIS, surveyed the industry to determine how the funds world will develop.

Among the highlights of this survey:

  • 85% of respondents say traditional asset managers must redefine their offering to meet current investor demands
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is viewed as the fund type most likely to attract product development by traditional asset managers
  • 69% of respondents say investor appetite for illiquid funds is rising
  • 24% believe cryptocurrency funds are a viable fund type in the long term
  • 40% expect strong growth in infrastructure assets and 36% expect strong growth in private debt

A total of 206 funds professionals participated in the online survey.

How AI will transform investment

Analyse that: How AI will transform investment

A Funds Europe survey in partnership with CACEIS

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