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Why fund governance is crucial in uncertain times?

On November 26th, at 12:15, Joe Saliba, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and Nick Fitzpatrick, Editorial Director of Funds Europe, discussed the latest findings on fund governance summarised in the CACEIS and Funds Europe dedicated white paper.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, the action of fund boards has reached a high point of complexity and importance – but even before the outbreak, boardrooms were being called on to step up their level of fund governance. Fund governance encompasses many issues including boardroom effectivity and outsourcing, and it has numerous touchpoints within ESG.

During this webinar, we discussed:

  • Why good fund governance is so important?
  • What does “good” governance mean?
  • Why governance is a regulatory priority?
  • What is the role of custodian?


Watch the webinar replay

Webinar 2020 11 26


Joe Saliba                           Nick Fitzpatrick