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An « all inclusive » Crédit Agricole offer

The development of an all-inclusive offer - combining CACIB, CACEIS and Indosuez Wealth Management offers - allows the Crédit Agricole Group to differentiate itself from its competitors by developing a full-fledged financing offer, supported by a dedicated team, to leading private equity, real estate and infrastructure funds, to address their equity bridge and treasury needs.

Together with CACIB, CACEIS provides equity bridge financing to Private Equity and Real Estate funds.

CACIB finances funds’ investments and Indosuez Wealth Management is committed in financing the partners of the funds (carried interest, etc)

«The combination of CACEIS’s expertise and Crédit Agricole’s extensive product and service range is a huge advantage to you»

Bruno Bourbonnaud - Group Head of PERES Global Services

Product details:

  • Bridge facility for capital calls

    Using this facility for bridging capital calls, clients can:

    - Finance the fund lifecycle (investment, fees, etc.)

    - Optimize IRR

    - Make cash flows predictable

    - Finance early investments after the first closing or before the final one

    This is a facility with a 2- to 5-year commitment. Each use (loan or letter of credit) has a maximum drawing of 364-days due to AIFMD.

    This multi-currency facility is performed in France, UK, Luxembourg or other domiciles such as Germany are eligible.

    - CACEIS is the sole depositary bank providing such facilities

    - CACEIS led the largest equity bridge facility (€800m) and CACIB issued one of the largest infrastructure letter of credit (€200m) ever provided in Continental Europe

    - CACEIS and CACIB are able to provide this joint facility to the largest funds.

  • Overdraft facilities

    This is a credit line with distinct contract from the depositary one. The overdraft is a committed credit line with maturity at less than one year.