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Access your data in real-time, wherever you are

CACEIS offers an application specifically developed for mobile devices as we believe that your activity is no longer fixed to one location. With OLIS Mobile, CACEIS has selected the features and data that are essential to mobility. The objective is to offer effectiveness and performance through a simple, sleek interface.

In order to meet your requirements on the ground, OLIS Mobile has been designed to meet the needs of its clients. It is a product in constant evolution being upgraded in line with client feedback and with new information.



Users access a summary view of their daily NAV, as well as the main validation functions. Exchanges with the valuation teams are simplified by instantaneous integrated email and the use of the intrinsic mail and telephone functions (e.g. direct dialling). To be completely independent when out of the office, managers can also look up all available reports or generate them immediately.


With OLIS Mobile, managers can track subscriptions and redemptions on their funds in real time and throughout the collection period. The user path offers a progressive vision: from the whole of the activity up to the ISIN, negotiating the portfolio.

Collection details are shown in analytical form; with distribution in real time per currency and a ranking of the largest investors. This enables Management Companies to review the collection of their funds throughout the day and facilitates the anticipation of investment decisions.

«An innovative application built for our clients and with our clients»

Mathieu Alia - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Investors S/R monitoring

    Monitoring of investors subscriptions / redemptions on your funds, in real time.

    Upon opening OLIS Mobile, view the daily total S/R on all your funds.

    Then, analyze for each fund the details S/R: by top/flop investors, by currency, by ISIN.