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Reduce operational risk and processing costs with CACEIS’s Trade Management solution

CACEIS’s Trade Management solution combines services ranging from execution (excluding S/R) to settlement and trade matching.

CACEIS provides clients with a single access point to capture trades after execution or for execution (for S/R) via any channel or format. Trade management is fully integrated with CACEIS’s other services and interfaces with external parties such as clearing brokers, custodians and fund administrators. Our systems give real-time information on all incoming and outgoing flows. We can offer client fee calculation as well as Standard Settlement Instructions enrichment. Our offer also enables you to delegate trade affirmation and confirmation to us.

«Numerous counterparts, a single access point»

Kaïs Haj Taieb - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Trade capture

    This service covers the integration of your data from all sources and in all formats.

    It covers post-execution trades (equities, bonds, money market instruments, FX, repurchase agreements, lending/borrowing, listed derivatives, OTC derivatives) as well as trade execution (i.e. routing of fund orders to the depositary, centralising agent or registrar and transfer agent).

  • Monitoring and enrichments

    The Trade Management solution covers technical controls (mandatory data, etc.), as well as management and monitoring of pending & rejected transactions, and complaints.

    It can also include enrichment of trades: fees or SSI.

  • Matching

    The "Full Trade Management" solution includes affirmation and confirmation with brokers & counterparts, in addition to the services covered in the Trade Management solution.

  • Trade delivery and reporting

    The Trade Management solution includes trade delivery to the various market counterparts and monitoring of their correct execution.

    The service also includes real-time monitoring of all flows via OLIS, the CACEIS web portal and reporting on trades and trade status as well as monitoring of the reconciled transactions.