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A comprehensive and flexible offer

CACEIS has developed recognised expertise in the management of all kinds of bond issues: stand-alone bonds, EMTN, euro PP, convertible or exchange bonds, working closely with Corporate and Investment Banks and legal firms.

«Innovative solutions for your financing needs»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Director

Product details:

  • Management of bond issues

    - Principal paying agent (calls for funds and maturity processing)

    - Calculation agent

    - Fiscal agent (treatment of tax related to settlements)

    - Listing agent

    - Agent in charge of reimbursement option

  • Keeping the Bondholders' register

    - Account-keeping of the registered bondholders’ accounts

    - Interest & redemptions payment to registered bondholders

    - Tax management

  • Corporate action on bonds

    - Support for structuring and centralising your operations (early repayment, conversion)

    - Dealing with operations on the register, creation and listing of new bonds

    - Delivery of new bonds to subscribers on completion of the operation

  • Domiciliation of negotiable securities

    - Applications for ISIN codes

    - Registration at the depositary, Euroclear France

    - Application for listing on Euronext Paris

    - Interest payments and redemption

    - Banque de France regulatory reports