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Asset Managers and Funds

Serviços & Vigilância Regulatória:

AEOI (Automatic Exchange Of Information)

AEOI refers to the Automatic Exchange of Information between tax authorities of 150 countries under the aegis of OECD. Who is concerned and what are the legal requirements?

BREXIT & Asset Management

Keep an eye on the latest evolutions of EU-UK relationships. Be aware of the Brexit impact on asset management activities

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)

In France and in the EU, CSR and ESG objectives are crucial in the financial sector. Discover CACEIS’ solutions to help your business overcome these challenges

ELTIF (European Long-Term Investment Fund)


Get to know all CACEIS’ solutions to produce a reporting in accordance with the European directive Solvency II

PRIIPS (Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance-based Products)

PRIIPS regulation standardise pre-contractual information by establishing the set-up of a KID. CACEIS supports you in its creation.

Management company outsourcing - Asset Managers solutions

Offload all administrative and regulatory tasks for your funds to CACEIS. Our experience and market coverage will ensure you benefit from the highest quality servicing.

Depositary Trustee services - Asset Managers solutions

CACEIS, custodian of a broad range of collective investments of all legal forms, has specialist teams which, in partnership with their clients, and using dedicated IT systems, provide statutory supervision and compliance monitoring of management activities.

Fund Structuring services - Asset Managers solutions

By delegating the administrative management of your funds to CACEIS, you will access the expertise of our specialist legal teams. You will benefit from their in-depth knowledge of the expectations of local regulators at each step of the legal life of your funds (launch, reengineering, liquidations, mergers, etc.).

Fund Distribution services - Asset Managers solutions

CACEIS helps clients reach their fund distribution goals through our Fund Distribution Service package, which includes Local & Cross-Border Distribution Solutions, Prime TA® Operational Intermediary services, Global Distribution View and Added-Value Services.

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