Swiss Life Global Solutions and Amundi join CACEIS’s TEEPI platform


CACEIS’s Tailored Electronic Exchange Platform for Investors (TEEPI), available since December 2016, is a platform for exchanging files needed to produce regulatory reports under Solvency II, MiFID II and PRIIPs regulation. Swiss Life Global Solutions, a key insurance and wealth management player in Luxembourg, and Amundi, the leading European asset manager, have joined TEEPI in light of the solution’s many advantages for management companies and insurers.

Rui Pinto, Head of Finance at Swiss Life Global Solutions notes: “The TEEPI platform is open to all management companies and institutional investors, regardless of whether they are CACEIS clients. It therefore provides an opportunity to develop an extensive network to collect the data required by the regulatory authorities. Moreover, the mandatory industry formats of the files are guaranteed by the controls integrated into the platform.”

Xavier Barrois, General Secretary of the Support and Development Division at Amundi, explains: “Now that we have created a TEEPI profile, we are visible on the platform. This makes it considerably easier to transfer data to institutional investors who are also part of the network.”

Joe Saliba, Deputy CEO of CACEIS, adds: “We are delighted that leading players such as Swiss Life Global Solutions and Amundi are joining TEEPI. This provides confirmation that there is interest in this new offering.”