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New features for TEEPI as it celebrates its first birthday

By incorporating the MiFID II and PRIIPs Regulations, CACEIS’s collaborative online platform has become an essential network for asset management companies and investors to exchange regulatory information.

The Tailored Electronic Exchange Platform for Investors (TEEPI) was initially conceived and developed by CACEIS in 2016 to enable insurers and asset management companies to exchange tripartite (TPT) files as part of Solvency II. Based on a social network model, the platform has proved to be a huge success since it offers management companies and their institutional investors a simple, user-friendly, safe and totally confidential environment in which to exchange information.

In 2017, CACEIS enhanced TEEPI by incorporating the new regulatory requirements arising from PRIIPs and MiFID II. The platform allows financial institutions, management companies, distributors and other operators to communicate all their regulatory information and thereby fulfil all their requirements.

TEEPI provides institutional investors with an opportunity to develop an extensive network to easily collect the data required by the regulatory authorities. Each investor can invite a management company to submit Solvency II, MiFID II and PRIIPs data files. The industry formats requested for the collected files are guaranteed by the controls integrated into the platform. TEEPI provides its users with all the regulatory reports at a glance and allows them to download the reports they need.

Management companies, which enjoy free access to TEEPI, can gain visibility by creating a profile on the platform. They can send and receive contact requests to and from their institutional clients. In so doing, they retain control over the distribution of their data while freeing themselves from the burden of signing confidentiality agreements. TEEPI makes it considerably easier for management companies to transfer data to institutional investors who are also part of the network.

In order to make TEEPI more user friendly, CACEIS has developed two data distribution methods: TEEPI LIVE allows files to be uploaded/downloaded interactively, individually or jointly and according to the needs of users; TEEPI BOT performs these functions automatically across a defined scope and at specified frequency.

TEEPI’s engine can process, analyse and store very large quantities of data in all kinds of format on a daily basis. 

CACEIS will continue to enhance TEEPI in 2018, particularly its interactive function by incorporating KPIs and data transmission/collection visualisation tools. Users should find the platform even more efficient and user friendly.

If you would like to join TEEPI and follow in the footsteps of institutional investors such as AG2R, Swiss Life and PREDICA, or management companies such as AMUNDI and Natixis Asset Management, please get in touch with your usual CACEIS contact or register on