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Interview with Joseph El Gharib, Head of Amundi Services at Amundi


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What is the aim of the joint Front-to-Back offer with CACEIS?

Our aim is to commercialise this offer throughout France and the rest of Europe and become a European leader in providing technology solutions and services for the asset management community. Our outsourcing solution is unique on the market and meets the current and future needs of asset managers and institutional investors. We can provide support for their development objectives by giving them access to a platform covering a wide range of management strategies, markets and asset classes. With our innovative and industrial scale Front-to-Back offer, our clients benefit from a state-of-the-art technology solution that integrates market trends and the latest regulations, while giving them total control over costs.

Joseph El GharibWhat makes this offer innovative?

First and foremost, the structure of this offer is innovative because it combines the expertise of Amundi, the European leader in asset management, with that of CACEIS, Europe's leading asset servicing provider. The combination of our mutual  know-how enables full control of the operational value chain and creates a unique position in the asset management market.

An illustration of the attractiveness of this model is the fact that CACEIS Middle-Office operates directly on ALTO*, which enables a unique position between the Front and Middle-Office and reduces or even eliminates the need for reconciliations. In addition, full integration with custody and fund administration services provides enhanced operational efficiency.

This offer is also innovative through the provision of a state-of-the-art ALTO portfolio management tool offered in SaaS** mode, backed by a substantial R&D force. More than 600 IT specialists are working to develop and operate the platform.

What is CACEIS' added value?

CACEIS has recognised expertise in services for asset managers and institutional investors, which enables us to complement our "one-stop-shop" offering. It is thus fully integrated from front to back office. In this way, CACEIS provides real added value through the fully industrialised processes of the service.

On another level, CACEIS, as a leading custodian in France and Europe, is uniquely positioned to generate commercial synergies and to approach clients jointly, in line with the continued development of its offering in Europe.

What advantages are there for an asset manager or institutional investor signing up for the offer?

Our offer provides concrete benefits for our clients. With this turnkey solution, asset managers and institutional investors can focus resources on their core business of asset management and value generation. By selecting ALTO and our service offering, clients have access to a high-performance and industrial scale portfolio management tool as well as to all operational, execution, middle and back office services of the highest quality. To date, more than €1,650 billion in assets (at 31/03/2020) are managed on ALTO, over 50 configurations are ready to use for management desks (active, passive, private equity, etc.) and the platform is used by more than 3,700 people in 37 countries.

In addition, the adaptability, flexibility and robustness of our offer enable us to support our clients’ business development objectives whether it concerns new markets, management strategies or asset classes.


*ALTO: Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations

** SaaS: Software as a Service