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CACEIS boosts digital fund distribution with TEEPI


Following the success of TEEPI -Tailored Electronic Exchange Platform for Investors - which now brings together more than 300 participants, CACEIS is growing the scope of its collaborative platform by integrating  “Market Place”, a digital solution for the subscription and aggregation of fund shares.

The TEEPI platform has been designed as a social network to enable management companies and their investors to exchange the files needed to prepare regulatory reports, Solvency II in 2016, then PRIIPs/UCITS and MIFID II in 2018. Thanks to its interface and the dynamics of its network - more than 30,000 ISIN codes and 200,000 reports per year - TEEPI has become a fast-growing technological ecosystem. CACEIS is capitalising on the quality and strength of relationships established between participants of all sizes to promote the distribution of funds.

Over the course of 2019, the platform will cover the selection and subscription/redemption of units of investment funds regulated and marketed in Europe. CACEIS is using Blockchain technology, which guarantees the integrity of transaction tracking, and makes it possible to produce reports for investors and asset managers. A dynamic library will give investors the opportunity to consult the commercial and legal documentation of each fund (prospectus, annual report, KIID and PRIIPs KID). It will also provide fund sheets with real-time updated performance analyses.

Similarly, the management of investors' KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation will be entirely digital. Investor's information and identification documents will be collected once, it will then be possible to open as many accounts as necessary with the transfer agents of the target funds. KYC documents of investors known to CACEIS will be made available to Transfer Agents, which will facilitate investment in all funds.

A function of aggregating the fund shares held by investors with each transfer agent will enable them to benefit from a consolidated view of their holdings of registered shares in investment funds, even if all subscriptions have not necessarily taken place through TEEPI.

For management companies, the TEEPI Market Place solution will bring many advantages. Managers will benefit from full transparency on the identity of the end-investors subscribing via TEEPI. They will also be able to link to the CACEIS platform on their website, to allow investors to open an account and subscribe online to their funds, even if they are not administered by CACEIS. 

In addition, online payment functionalities will be offered to individual investors. Finally, thanks to TEEPI, they will be able to pass on the non-commission bearing shares in direct distribution to the end investors. 

Laurent MajchrzakOf course, all the original functionalities related to the dissemination of regulatory files are retained in this new generation of TEEPI. "We are proud of this new CACEIS digital innovation, using Blockchain technology and offering a relevant technical solution that facilitates the distribution of funds between asset managers and investors; TEEPI's totally open architecture and the innovative fund aggregation functions are already attracting strong interest from many market players," commented Laurent MAJCHRZAK, Group Product Director of CACEIS.

IT developments are underway, in Agile mode and with the help of pilot clients. CACEIS has chosen to deploy TEEPI in several stages. The platform will initially be reserved for CACEIS client management companies and their existing investors; it will then be gradually extended to other market players, investors and external funds.

TEEPI confirms CACEIS's expertise in digital innovation and the use of disruptive technologies to promote the distribution of investment funds in Europe. By meeting the expectations of asset managers and investors beyond its own client base, CACEIS offers a solution that is unparalleled on the market in today’s digital world.