A new management team with complementary expertise for CACEIS’s Private Equity business line


You recently joined CACEIS. How do you see CACEIS’s positioning in terms of asset servicing for private equity funds? 

CACEIS is the leading French custodian for private equity, private debt and infrastructure funds, looking after €170 billion in private equity funds for international clients. The group is one of the first in Continental Europe with more than 2000 funds deposited. Its clients include some of the world’s leading players in private equity, infrastructure and real estate

CACEIS's Private Equity, Real Estate and Securitisation (PERES) business line has experienced remarkable growth over the past three years thanks to its integrated front-to-back organisation, which enables it to develop a relationship of trust with its clients, to make the major investments in information systems, and propose its dedicated offering, particularly in the area of equity bridge financing services. 

Bruno BourbonnaudThis market penetration has also been made possible thanks to the initiative of Crédit Agricole Group's Premium Clients division, and in particular thanks to the Private Equity Services action plan, which covers the needs of the entire fund life cycle, by combining the offerings of CACEIS, Indosuez Wealth Management and Crédit Agricole CIB. I know these offers well as I have been in charge of designing solutions for financial institutions over the past ten years to meet their international development needs. I also had the opportunity to participate in the launch of the equity bridge offer for Crédit Agricole Group's large private equity management companies. 

In partnership with Crédit Agricole CIB, we have therefore a relevant support and financing force on the market with bridge financing solutions adapted to our clients' needs. The Crédit Agricole Group occupies a significant position in this market in Paris, London and New York, three key markets for private equity. 

What are your projects for our clients? 

With the many successes CACEIS has experienced in recent years, we have achieved a remarkable level of growth. We must now nurture this growth and manage this business development. In order to provide even better support for our clients and optimise what has already been accomplished, I have initiated, in coordination with CACEIS's General Management, a program based on three pillars. 

The first pillar concerns strengthening the commercial management of our clients and prospects in order to meet their needs, wherever they operate. 

Arnaud Garel-Galais who previously headed business development for PERES in the UK, has been promoted to Group Head of Coverage & Business Development for the entire PERES business line. Arnaud has recently managed a number of deals that have enabled CACEIS to successfully position itself in the highly competitive UK private equity market and we are now more visible than ever to some of the major international names in private equity. This visibility is an important factor that will accelerate commercial development along certain key routes, such as London - Luxembourg, driven by Brexit. 

The second pillar concerns strengthening the operational efficiency of our services. To this end, Frédéric Ullens joined us at the beginning of May as Group Head of Operations; he oversees all operational activities in the PERES sector for all CACEIS entities. His already strong experience in the PE world will help us master our operational efficiency and improve the quality of the client experience. 

His deputy, who comes from a major private equity management firm, will also contribute to achieving these objectives. 

The third pillar involves strengthening the expertise and management of our financing portfolio, in particular the Equity Bridge portion. Gilles Corcos supervises the Equity Bridge Financing activity for the entire business line and has all the expertise necessary to control growth of this financing offer. 

Our service offering and our relationship with our clients must go hand in hand with our continued efforts in terms of investments in our information systems and innovative solutions. Pierre-Marie Nowaczick remains dedicated to the follow-up of our IT projects. 

In a very competitive environment, my ambition is to promote our offer as being the most relevant and of a high quality. This One-StopShop offer must be accessible to all our clients across private equity, infrastructure, real estate funds and securitisation sectors, regardless of their geographical location