ICF BANK mandates CACEIS as settlement agent for Quotrix platform

Frankfurt-based ICF BANK AG is the sole market-maker on Quotrix, the electronic trading platform at the Düsseldorf stock exchange. As market-maker, ICF is responsible for an extensive product portfolio of about 4,000 equities, 3,100 bonds, 2,700 investment funds and 1,400 exchange traded products. Since the beginning of 2017, the bank has successfully grown the business, and Quotrix handles 7% of all retail investor orders in Germany. To support its growing business, ICF mandated CACEIS as settlement agent.

Bernd Gegenheimer, Chairman of the Management Board of ICF BANK AG, commented, “With our fast-growing business on Quotrix, we needed a high-capacity service provider that could handle an increasing trade volume while maintaining service quality. CACEIS has a strong reputation in Germany as a reliable partner with considerable expertise, and we are confident that they are able to support our ambitious growth plans for Quotrix.”

Holger Sepp, Member of the Management Board of CACEIS in Germany, added, “We are pleased to be mandated to support ICF’s Quotrix business. This additional mandate in the long-standing partnership between ICF and CACEIS demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing expert support to our clients. ICF has ambitious development goals and we will do what is required to ensure they can reach their objectives.”