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Centre of Excellence Pensions.

CACEIS aims to help pension institutions navigate through this challenging landscape leveraging our Centre of Excellence for Pensions offering a one-stop-shop for the European Pension Industry, with a fully internally sourced front-to-back functionality and services with investment administration at the core.

With the changing demographics and increasing life expectance, the pensions landscape is evolving and facing challenges. Demand for data that is timely, accurate, and flexible is increasing and innovative tools to distill value from this data are required. Increasing transparency demands and stringent regulatory requirements present unique challenges for the pension industry.

The CACEIS Group centralizes a wealth of experience in servicing the pensions and retirement industry. Pension clients of all shapes and sizes have specific needs and to help them prepare for tomorrow, we have created a Centre of Excellence for Pensions (CEP). Over 400 staff in our organization are dedicated to servicing the needs of pension clients.

Bespoke range of Core & Tailored services includes:

• Front - to - Back solution: Middle office & SaaS Front Office, Portfolio Valuation and Standard Accounting,
• Reporting: Regulatory, Compliance, Risk, Performance Measurement & Attribution, ESG & Climate, Cost Transparency & Benchmarking,
• Look-through: Look through Reporting, Asset pooling.

«The Centre of Excellence Pensions acts as an experienced and trusted partner and supports our clients with all relevant issues the pension clients face.»

Oscar Barneveld - Group Product Manager