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Best-in-class third-party services from the ecosystem.

CACEIS Connect Store is CACEIS private marketplace that connects our clients with the best third-party service providers.

As a CACEIS Client, you are a client of an ecosystem around asset management and investment portfolio management, and your needs will be larger than the standard Asset Servicing related ones.

Through the CACEIS Connect Store, get access to:

• A selection of recognized partners in their field of expertise.
• A wide variety of added-value services, that complement CACEIS services.
• Pre-negotiated "turnkey" offers.
• Online subscription to solutions.
• Direct and transparent access from your OLIS website.
• Progressive and continuous enrichment of the service offer.

Four solutions are available through the Connect Store:

• Clarity AI ESG Solution : A sustainability technology platform using machine learning and big data to deliver ESG data and regulatory reporting.
• FundGlobam : All-in fund distribution support solutions.
• Osmoze by Havenize : An innovative solution dedicated to the Front Office to analyze, simulate and manage portfolio positions for enhanced decision-making.
• SISMO : A quantamental Visual Platform for Portfolio Managers.


Clarity AI ESG Solution

Clarity AI, through its intuitive and user-friendly interface, offers a comfortable/transparent user experience allowing investors to confront complex information, or dive into the methodology, seamlessly and with different levels of granularity.

The great flexibility of the tool ensures that it can be adapted to all sustainability-related scenarios in terms of data, functionality and integration. The solution offered covers all the main topics related to sustainability in a comprehensive way. The product has been developed in "modules", each dedicated to a specific aspect of the sustainability issue.



Cross-border distribution is a key element in every asset manager's growth strategy. Within the Connect Store, FundGlobam covers all areas of expertise related to investment fund distribution, including strategy, market positioning, promotion, marketing, operations, tax, risk, compliance and more. Asset managers will now be able to benefit from an integrated offering to support their business development, both in their domestic market and in foreign markets.

• A unique integrated outsourcing fund distribution support solution, with global coverage across over 80 markets in full compliance with all local regulatory requirements.
• Efficient integration of market intelligence and operational support across the fund distribution value chain.
• The optimization of time-to-market and operational workload, as well as the reduction of operating costs thanks to an integrated online solution.


Osmoze by Havenize

Heavenize is a software provider for asset managers and insurers. It solution offers a "Front-Office" supervision and decision cockpit for portfolio managers. Osmoze is a multi-asset class decision support platform that distinguishes itself by its ability to integrate sophisticated and personalized decision processes. Asset managers and insurers can benefit from:

• A reliable solution with a 360° view of all portfolios, multi-class assets, including key risk analytics.
• A Dynamic creation of custom classifications for a tailored Front Office view.
• A fully integrated, out-of-the-box solution with no impact on existing IT infrastructure, including immediate access to both corporate and exogenous data to ensure a streamlined investment process.
• An innovative user interface integrated with Excel to match the preferred environment of asset managers.



Sismo is a visual "quantamental" platform for managers and analysts committed to the quality of the investment process. It is directly integrated with S&P Capital IQ global equity data. SISMO provides an intuitive, iterative and scalable analytical tool for improved investment strategies at a reduced cost. The solution brings advanced benchmarking to equity managers and analysts and enables them to:

• Directly access in-depth portfolio analysis across dynamic equity universes.
• Have direct and intuitive access to financial and extra-financial information and allow immediate visualization of complex queries.
• Measure factor exposures on factors defined by managers to reflect their own management objectives and constraints.
• Leverage visuals designed to read trends and correlations at a glance and spot anomalies.
• Share and explain their investment strategy inside and outside the management company with clear visuals.

«CACEIS Connect Store will expand the potential of services we can deliver for our clients, through exceptional partnerships with best-in-class experts.»

Sabine Iacono - Group Product Manager