Unanimous acclaim for the Securities Lending team’s innovative solutions


In a bid to increase client satisfaction at a time when interest rates are low, CACEIS decided to develop the securities lending business so that investors can obtain an even better return on their portfolios.

Dan Copin receives Global Investor Award

CACEIS again scored very well in the Global Investor/ISF magazine category this year. Dan Copin and the whole of the CACEIS Equity Finance team attended the 2017 International Securities Finance Awards in London to receive the following awards:

  • Winner EMEA 2017 award in the Lender Group 2 category
  • the Highly Commended Global, EMEA, Americas & Asia Pacific 2017 award in the Lender Group 2 category


Dan COPIN : “The strong commitment of CACEIS and its Equity Finance team to further the development of its Securities Lending service made us the biggest improver in Group 2*, and saw us earn the top spot for the EMEA region.”

The annual survey and ceremony held by Global Investor/ISF – the world's leading magazine for asset management and investor services – are an opportunity for securities lenders and borrowers alike to assess their peers based on their contribution to the sector over the previous 12 months and their securities lending expertise. The results of this survey are an important performance indicator for companies in the sector.

*Group 1: Top 15 global players; Group 2: rest of the market