Simplified customer access to OLIS portal with the new Sherpa app


Sherpa, CACEIS’s latest mobile application will support its customers in the authentication process to OLIS web portal.

Easier and more secure, Sherpa allows access to OLIS thanks to the native features of the mobile phone, depending on the models:

  • Touch ID: authentication via the user’s fingerprint
  • Face ID: authentication using facial recognition
  • Code PIN: authentication via a 6-digit code

In practice, users will receive a login notification on their mobile phone through the Sherpa application, as soon as they has filled in their OLIS login on the usual login page By validating this notification on Sherpa by one of the methods indicated above, they will be automatically redirected to the OLIS homepage.

This eliminates pain points associated with the authentication process and contributes to improving the CACEIS user experience:

  • It is no longer necessary to remember a complex password
  • Physical Digipass will no longer be required to access the site’s trade input functionalities

OLIS Mobile Sherpa joins the CACEIS Mobile Suite of Applications with the already available for CACEIS clients: OLIS Mobile Funds, OLIS Mobile Share, Olis Mobile Agro.

This approach to improving the user experience is fully in line with CACEIS's digital transformation programme, and is the result of client feedback via the CACEIS Innovation Lab launched last summer.

This transformation will continue on all the functionalities of the OLIS portal so that it becomes a collaborative web portal between the CACEIS’s and the client’s operational teams. Please visit « OLIS – Where people meet data » to learn more.