Crédit Agricole Group, 1st French bank to obtain ISO 37001 certification


The Crédit Agricole group is the first French bank to obtain certification for its anti-corruption system. This ISO 37001 certification, delivered by Euro Compliance*, highlights the Group's determination and the quality of its programme for preventing corruption. It confirms that risks of corruption have been correctly identified and analyzed, and that the programme applied by Credit Agricole is designed to limit those various risks in line with best international practices. The certification covers all of the Crédit Agricole group's business lines.

Jean-Pierre Tremenbert, Chief Compliance Officer, said: "This certification shows the Group's commitment to make compliance and ethics a central part of its development."

The Crédit Agricole Group is actively pursuing its anti-corruption policy in order to eliminate those risks. The Group has adopted an ethical charter that specifies its principles of action: a commitment to fight against corruption, prevent fraud and protect the integrity of markets


*Euro Compliance is an organization of certification and specialized training in the fight against corruption