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CACEIS tailored its TEEPI platform for locked down investors


© Yves Maisonneuve

During Covid-19 lockdown, CACEIS teams demonstrated ingenuity and exceptional commitment by rolling out order-placement functions on TEEPI Market Place for investors working remotely.

The Covid-19 crisis and the ensuing market turmoil disrupted the working conditions of many investors, most of whom were required to work from home. As most had no access to traditional means of subscription/redemption order placement (fax, Swift, files), CACEIS took steps to accelerate the development of certain TEEPI Market Place functions to enable the distribution platform’s investors to place orders via a fully digital solution.

As soon as lockdown measures were initiated by European governments, CACEIS demonstrated its responsiveness by modifying the development strategy of TEEPI Market Place. Priority was given to now essential features designed for investors in fund registries for which CACEIS acts as transfer agent.

Access to the upgraded functionalities on the platform was granted in record time, enabling a large majority of investors to rapidly use the platform to place orders.

TEEPI now has more than 400 participant companies and more than 45,000 ISIN codes. The unprecedented ability to open accounts in the registers entirely digitally via the platform and to subscribe online to funds has made TEEPI the first transactional professional social network between asset managers and institutional and corporate investors.

The steadfast commitment of our staff illustrates CACEIS' strengths as a reliable and solid partner for its clients.