CACEIS brings machine learning to securities lending


Asset servicing firm CACEIS is using machine learning to ease the pressure on its securities lending desk and boost returns for clients.

The Crédit Agricole subsidiary, which lends securities on behalf of pension funds, insurers and asset managers, is applying artificial intelligence techniques to price loans of corporate bonds.

By using algorithms that become smarter as they are trained on large amounts of data, the company reckons it’s already seeing higher returns and reduced risks which allow its trading desk to compete with larger players in the market.

“I first started using machine learning technology to predict the outcome of French football league matches,” Aurélien Manson, a securities finance trader at the firm, told Global Investor.

“I made a return of over 200% last season and realised that such techniques could also be applied to our business, especially pricing the lending fee for our clients’ assets.”

Both Aurélien, and Dan Copin, head of equity finance at CACEIS, are convinced that... (continue reading)