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Interview with Régis Aubert, Senior Banker at Crédit Agricole CIB - Real Estate & Hotel Group


© Crédit Agricole S.A./CAPA Pictures/Pierre Olivier

Two years after the creation of the business line, what is your assessment?

In my mind, the creation of the business line was a very good move. It has clearly improved the communication and synergies between the three entities of the Private Equity Services Division, CA-CIB, CACEIS and Indosuez Wealth Management. Especially, the strong team spirit and goal sharing alignment is a plus.

It actually enables each entity to gain a broader view and understanding of the full spectrum of banking services that our Group is able to deliver to many clients in the areas of private equity, real estate and infrastructure. Moreover, it helped us to become more responsive in our approach for addressing all their needs throughout the fund life cycle.

Thanks to the deployment of teams dedicated to equity bridge facilities / subscription lines not only in Paris but also in London and New York, we have implemented this type of facility in each of the three geographies for some of the largest and most well-regarded players in the real estate private equity industry. Though competition on the market is increasing, we are gaining market shares rather rapidly and continuously. However, we remain selective in our approach, as we only offer this product to our best clients with a view to strengthening the relationship and promoting the broader long term partnership that our Group wishes to develop.

What are the benefits for your real estate clients?

With its broad international real estate platform, CA-CIB was already one of the very few banks in the world in a position to address the various advisory, equity & debt capital market, asset-based structured finance and hedging needs of our real estate clients in most of their core markets in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. This geographic coverage is a key strength and is highly appreciated by the large real estate investment managers. They actually develop their business on a pan-European or a global scale. Thanks to the closer synergies with CACEIS, which also has a strong international footprint, and to the development of our joint equity bridge financing offer (for funds which use this type of facility), we can bring to our clients an even more complete offer.