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Outsource your adminstration

We can provide support for your business by handling complex and time-consuming tasks, either on a full-time basis or on-demand during activity spikes, and also perform one-off tasks if required.

CACEIS can take over the following functions:

- Monitoring fund lifecycles

- Generating Investor reports

- Cash management

- Monitoring calls and distributions

- Look-through (Solvency II)

By outsourcing these activities to CACEIS, you can convert fixed operating costs into variable costs while enhancing quality of service for investors (in terms of operational, regulatory and tax reporting, and look-through aspects). This frees up your in-house resources to allow greater focus on making investment decisions and raising funds.

«While you focus your resources on your primary business, we manage the costly and complex administration»

Bruno Bourbonnaud - Group Head of PERES Global Services

Product details:

  • Fund monitoring

    Certain middle-office functions are supported by the dedicated PE & RE team, by delegation of the Management Company.

    Currently, the middle-office functions which are outsourced by the Management Company are in addition to the valuation and administration, the cost accounting, the invoice approval process, the monitoring of investments, capital calls, distribution, liquidations etc.

    The scope of middle-office outsourcing varies according to the requirements of each client.

  • Portfolio reporting

    PERES teams are able to process detailed data and provide tailored reporting on the investments.

  • Investor reporting

    This service covers the preparation and production of the statutory financial accounts (with full notes to the accounts) either according to Lux GAAP, IFRS, French GAAP and US GAAP. This service is provided for both the audited annual accounts and the semi-annual accounts, either audited (if required by the client) or unaudited.

    Our service covers the preparation and production of the regulatory monthly and yearly statistical reporting to the Luxembourg regulator (CSSF) and Central Bank of Luxembourg. In addition, CACEIS can also manage the CSSF queries.

  • Look-through

    CACEIS has created reports which enable a look-through to the portfolio of investments. Investors are able to view their indirect stakes in each investment.

  • Monitoring of debt and loan funds

    CACEIS performs the same services as for Private Equity Funds

    Our Loan Monitoring module enables specific reporting

  • Services for securitisation funds

    OLIS Loan Servicing is a technical platform designed to manage reporting for securitisation funds with thousands of loans.

    Covenant, recovery, cash flows, forecasting, Stress test, Solvency II ratio (SCR) are performed thanks to this very user-friendly portal.