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A unique approach with bespoke services

CACEIS provides fund administration services with a specific angle.

- Fund Accounting

- Spv & Propco Accounting

- Lux, French & US GAAP, IFRS

Fund Administration is not only accounting but also Investors Services and it is a step to the Fund Financial Control outsourcing (back and middle office)

«We bring you the advantage of a bespoke outsourcing service»

Bruno Bourbonnaud - Group Head of PERES Global Services

Product details:

  • Fund accounting

    The Corporate & Fund Accounting services provided by the dedicated PE & RE team allow for the provision of full accounting services to funds, Soparfis, GPs, Feeders and Carry Vehicles, for which share classes, series, waterfall and carry-interest methods and consolidation are supported, with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual valuation frequency, according to your requirements.

    In terms of accounting standards, we are able to support LuxGAAP, IFRS, French GAAP, US GAAP.

  • SPV and PROPCO accounting through partnership

    This service covers the accounting of the structures and assets held by the Real Estate and Private Equity Funds including all details (rental fees paid for RE funds etc).

    This is an additional service compared to standard Private Equity and Real Estate fund accounting