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A dedicated team to bring you a personalised service

The CACEIS Group has over 250 specialist staff in its Private Equity, Real Estate and Securitization division. Our team members, many of whom have front or middle-office backgrounds in asset management firms, leverage their operational, regulatory and fiscal expertise in the private equity, real estate and securitization fields across the full range of instruments and sectors.

As many players, Private Equity, Real Estate and Securitization uses Efront software to perform operations.

A dedicated access to OLIS is customized for Private Equity, Real Estate and Securitization managers.

«Our know-how and services dedicated to your needs»

Bruno Bourbonnaud - Group Head of PERES Global Services

Product details:

  • Registrar

    Benefit from our dedicated Private Equity and Real Estate team covering:

    - The maintenance of the shareholder register

    - Management of commitments, capital calls and capital increases

    - The production of position reporting to distributors

    - The production of capital accounts reporting

    - AML & KYC controls

    - Maintenance of the related files.

  • Depositary and custody services

    Use our depositary bank and custody services for Private Equity & Real Estate funds. Given the specificities of these asset classes, this service covers:

    - The processing of investment transactions

    - The management of asset documentation and surveillance

    - The production of portfolio reporting

    - The management of invoices and payments

    - The processing of FOREXs and deposits (via CACEIS dealing room or through an external counterparty),

    - The management of Loan Interest Calculations (fixed, variable PiK - payment in kind-, profit linked)

    - The provision of bridge financing.