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Full position updated continuously

In addition to the Trade Management solution, CACEIS offers a position-keeping solution, independent from that of a custodian and valuation agent, with comprehensive information about the overall positions of your portfolios.

«Track your positions in real time and facilitate your investment decisions»

Kaïs Haj Taieb - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • FO and MO position keeping for all asset classes

    Comprehensive FO and MO position-keeping solutions for all asset classes, securities and cash.

    It is updated upon reception of transactions by the Trade Management team and valued at the closing price.

    We offer automatic application on mandatory corporate actions and updates in line with the fund managers’ decisions for voluntary corporate actions.

  • Cash forecast management

    Management of multi-account and multi-currency cash balances as well as the cash forecast, integrating forecasted and final subscription and redemption figures, cash-flows related to corporate actions and fees, etc.

  • Reconciliations with brokers and custodians

    Regular reconciliations with the various participants (in-house and external): custodians, prime brokers, clearing brokers. Explanation of any differences (initial investigations prior to correction).

    Reconciliation of the middle-office position and the accounting inventory for each NAV, highlighting differences in stock positions or market value.

  • Monitoring tools

    CACEIS web portal, OLIS, enables you to view your positions (by portfolio or group of portfolios, customised views available, etc.).

    We offer multi-format and multi-channel reports upon request (over 30 files are available ).