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Start trading OTC derivatives with confidence

CACEIS offers a complete and comprehensive solution for OTC middle-office services.

Our services cover all aspects of post-trade OTC derivatives management and EMIR requirements.

Our solution manages all the complexity of derivatives:

- We can provide trade confirmation (electronic or paper), Independent valuation (from the most plain vanilla products to the more complex, with our in-house structured products valuation team), collateral management, reporting to trade repository and EMIR Reconciliation.

- Our solution ensures full compliance with existing and updated/new regulations, for EMIR or IOSCO (collateral (VM/IM)).

«An all-in industrialised solution to reduce all the operational complexity of OTC derivatives at a limited cost»

Kaïs Haj Taieb - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Trade management, position keeping and pricing

    Automatic trade integration

    We keep all your positions up to date.

    Independent valuation from the vanilla to structured products.

  • Full end-to-end collateral management

    We manage all your collateral as directed with comprehensive services compliant with the latest regulations.

    Collateral Management has never been so easy. You can focus on your strategy, collateral management is under control.

  • Confirmation / Reconciliation

    We handle all the operational processes for you.

    Start OTC trading with ease, all the back office/middle office time consuming tasks are included in our large-scale solution.

  • Cash flow management

    OTC trading involves handling cash flows that can quickly become challenging to monitor and manage.

    We not only manage cash flows for you but also provide comprehensive reporting on your upcoming flows.