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Price management adapted to your profile.

CACEIS Pricing teams value portfolios using multiple price sources, enabling our clients to select their recovery points and preferred data sources for closing prices, quotation types, etc.. We can create as many snapshots as necessary because we have developed our own in-house tool, which allows us to recover all the listed instrument prices we need, and then check them before they are injected into the fund portfolios.

«High degree of expertise ensuring a personalized service»

Valéry Théry - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Best Selection

    CACEIS has its own Pricing service; Thanks to its expertise CACEIS has defined internal criteria systematically identifying the best information contributor/provider for each listed instrument. The selection of the contributor is at the heart of our Pricing activity: more than 100 contributors are referenced in our databases, and they are selected based on your requests. We cross-check daily to ensure the best prices at all times.
    Our valuation methods are transparent, well defined, no matter what the financial instrument, whether it is quoted or unlisted, and whatever currency, we clearly indicate the source of valuation used.

  • Tailored pricing

    Together, we can define a custom pricing policy to suit your fund type, the asset classes in which you invest, geographic areas, etc. Your Pricing Policy is reviewed regularly and adaptable at all times so that it remains relevant.
    If we are valuing your funds, your Pricing policy is also verified by the Statutory Auditors.

  • Price Chasing

    If you invest in or manage Hedge funds, CACEIS can be your price provider. CACEIS supports clients by price chasing. CACEIS is responsible for leading data collection efforts, makes official or estimated NAVs available, and provides a complete audit trail for each course. Increased vigilance is key to reliability and many cross-checks are put in place.