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A dedicated and centralized Data Management

CACEIS has developed a repository that holds all the categories of data you need to manage your business and generate your reports.
A team of experts across several geographical zones allows us to cover all the time zones. These business experts constantly administer and monitor the data. Our robust and powerful IT infrastructure can handle huge volumes of data with more than 450 programmed selection rules and an STP rate of around 99%.

«A flexible and complete offer designed for our clients along with a tried and trusted process»

Valéry Théry - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Values and corporate action characteristics

    Our Repository was created and set up with rules for selecting data to be retrieved from various providers. Dozens of sources of information are polled and incorporated dependent on the type of instrument. We make a rigorous selection of providers for each type of instrument. They are selected according to the quality of the information issued, their reliability, their availability as well as the quality/cost ratio.
    Some data is supplemented by our experts.

  • Third party characteristics

    Our third party repository includes data such as:
    - The nature of the third party, its role (issuer, counterparty)
    - Multiple identifiers (LEI, Bloomberg, Six Financial, BIC, client etc.);
    - Of multiple economic sectors (MSCI, GICS, NACE, Barclays etc.)
    - Ratings of the 3 rating agencies
    - Relationships with other third parties (issuing group)
    - Multiple classifications
    The controls are an integral part of our internal process and are accompanied by an active and proactive regulatory watch service.

  • Fund characteristics

    CACEIS enables clients to:
    - Analyze prospectuses,
    - Register the complete structure of a fund
    - Registrater of all the information contained in the prospectus and the KIID: Management Company, Financial Manager, Custodian, Administrator, etc.
    - Short and long description, benchmark, entry fee, investment policy
    - Indirect Costs Calculation Rules (Part B of the Prospectus)
    - Registration of events on the UCITS (Announcements of coupon detachment, division, merger, etc.)
    - Dissemination of information to Management Companies
    - Storage control.