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Master Data Services

All our Master Data available for our clients.

The emergence of numerous regulations, which are increasingly demanding in terms of volumes and quality of data, make the management of data repositories ever more complex. Today, managing master data requires true governance and reliable processes.
CACEIS, as a leading asset servicer, has set up an extremely rich set of standards. It continuously integrates financial data from reference providers and transactions.
Clients need financial data from reliable sources that is consistent across your various activities and is accessible at any time. CACEIS provides you with a comprehensive repository on securities, third parties, funds and securities transactions.
Moreover, in order to optimize the management, CACEIS offers a price management service that has 3 modules:
Best Selection, Pricing Policy and Price Chasing.

Master Data Services CACEIS manager

«A wealth of information via a flexible and wide ranging offer tailored to your needs»

Valéry Théry - Group Product Manager