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A turnkey solution

As a leading registrar agent for companies listed on Euronext Paris, CACEIS provides high quality services tailored to your needs and those of your registered shareholders and employees.

«Putting our experience to work for you»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Director

Product details:

  • Share capital management

    - Monitoring and updating outstanding capital and voting rights

    - Relations with market authorities (Euronext, Euroclear and financial intermediaries)

  • Registered accounts management

    - Management of the register of shareholders

    - Account-keeping for direct registered shareholders

    - Payment of dividends and bond interests

    - Execution of corporate actions

    - Monitoring of stock market orders

    - Responsive and available investor relations team

    - Emailing solutions on communicating with investors

  • Dividend payment

    - Distribution of detailed information to the market (dividend in cash or in shares, applicable tax, calendar)

    - Payment to direct registered shareholders

    - Payment to financial intermediaries

    - Follow-up of tax returns

    - Attendance fees payment to administrators

  • Corporate actions

    - Analysing and structuring technical details

    - Establishing detailed planning

    - Relationship with financial intermediaries

    - Collection of mandates and funds

    - Issuance of news securities and delivery to investors