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Benefit from our experience

CACEIS, a key player in the management of employee shareholding plans, can assist you in setting up your projects using innovative solutions to take on the administrative management of your plans.

«We regularly update our offer to match your evolving requirements»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Director

Product details:

  • Stock options plans and free share award schemes

    - Management of qualified and non-qualified plans

    - Online collection of employees’ acceptance of plan regulations

    - Opening of employee accounts

    - Communication with employees and HR through our OLIS websites and through our Investor Relations team

    - Monitoring and updating of employees’ administrative data (mobility, rights withdrawal)

    - Processing of option exercise and right conversion into shares

    - Management of tax matters

    - Emai solutions for communicating with investors

  • Capital increases reserved for employees

    - Technical support and advice

    - Customised and bespoke subscription website OLIS

    - Communication available in 17 languages

    - Collection of employees’ subscriptions and related payments

    - Completion of the capital increase

    - Delivery of the shares to the employee savings account-keeping company

  • Company saving plans

    - Opening and management of employees’ registered accounts

    - Account-keeping of the shares

    - Follow-up of lock-up periods

    - Dividend payments

    - Monitoring of stock market orders

    - Tax management

  • Stock option exercise bridge

    This innovative solution allows employees to finance their stock option exercises by early release of assets in employee savings plan:

    - Set-up of process with the Employee Savings Plan management company

    - Stock option exercise

    - Account-keeping of the shares

    - Tax management related to the operation