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Outsource the legal management of your funds

By delegating the administrative management of your funds to CACEIS, you will access the expertise of our specialist legal teams. You will benefit from their in-depth knowledge of the expectations of local regulators at each step of the legal life of your funds (launch, reengineering, liquidations, mergers, etc.).

The Fund Structuring team can also support your international growth objectives leveraging our cross-border distribution services for your funds (initial registration and post registration) or through cross-border mergers, within the overall Distribution package offered by CACEIS (see our Fund Distribution offer). CACEIS also provides representative or paying agent services in all countries where CACEIS is present.

Specialised in corporate law, the legal staff from the Fund Structuring team will also help you in preparing and holding board meetings and/or general meetings of SICAV [Open-ended Collective Investment Schemes], thus enabling you to discharge your statutory obligations with complete peace of mind.

«We offer our up-to-the-minute knowledge of the regulatory environment to simplify your growth on the international stage»

Yasmine Pontnau - Head of Fund Structuring Service

Product details:

  • Fund structuring in relation with UCITS, AIFS and institutional funds

    Regulatory & legal assistance in the fund set-up phase and during the complete lifecycle of the fund (product restructuring, domestic or cross-border merger, transfer, liquidation, etc.): drafting of all legal documentation (KIID, articles of incorporation, prospectus, notice to the shareholders/unitholders), interface with the Depositary, the local regulator and/or the notary.

  • Domiciliary agent and company secretarial services (SICAV / FCP)

    Provision of the registered office of the fund, archiving of the fund documentation, assistance with boards and shareholders General meetings (organisation & holding), administrators mandate monitoring, legal publications, assistance with day-to-day legal administrative duties, relationship with local authorities.

  • Guidance in drafting the asset managerial's program of activities

    Assistance in obtaining the Management Company passport, from the drafting to the submission to the local regulator

  • Cross-border fund registration and post-registration services

    - Registration of Funds in the target distribution countries

    - Assistance in appointment of local paying and representative agents

    - Funds representative functions

    - Post-registration services to ensure that the funds registered remain in compliance with all regulations

  • Support activities and cross-functional activities

    Regulatory watch, legal monitoring, Decryptage magazine, Scanning magazine, participation in local regulatory working Groups, Product Support.

  • Representative and paying agent services

    In case of cross-border registration, intermediation between the Fund/Management Company and the local authorities or local investors.