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We can deliver any reporting required by the regulators

CACEIS offers a wide range of standard regulatory reports for any assets, markets, regulation, which we will send to the regulator in compliance with current regulations and on time. You outsource to us your report collation and ensure regulatory reporting compliance.

CACEIS can generate bespoke reports based on the standard templates including additional data and adapted to your corporate logo and graphics.

«Regulatory reporting production can quickly become a challenge. CACEIS simplifies this compulsory activity»

Valéry Théry , Pierre Oger - Group Product Manager

Product details:

  • Depositary statements / Annual and half-year reports

    This service covers:

    - The production of the Funds annual and half year reports according to the local requirements of the fund domicile, as well as specific requirements according to the countries of distribution, such as translation obligations and/or the calculation of any additional financial information.

    - The financial reports may be either produced in standard or client-specific format.

  • Basel / Solvency / FATCA / AEOI reporting

    BASEL III: CACEIS will calculate your Capital Ratios in accordance with Basel III regulations, and will be able to monitor it through time, helping you to concentrate on the corresponding adjustments you might have to deal with.

    SOLVENCY: CACEIS will calculate market SCR, stress-testing, prudence reporting. Several levels of service are available, from providing data only after transparency processing to full Solvency II reporting on asset based on standard model. In some cases (health and pension mutual insurance companies and damages insurance companies), liabilities coming from your systems can be integrated to the Solvency II reporting (not available for life insurance companies).

    FATCA/AEOI: CACEIS will guide you throughout the compliance process: Backlog analysis; new investor on-boarding procedure; change of situation monitoring; tax reporting (CRS reporting).

    In addition to the above, CACEIS can assist you with any regulatory reporting requirements.

  • ESG & climate Reporting service Offering

    CACEIS has chosen to work with a specialist provider in Climate changes and Energy Transition; in France and abroad: Vigeo Eiris.
    CACEIS & Vigeo Eiris, provide you with a report that perfectly meets the article 173 (from LTECV French Law, mandatory in France) and goes beyond regulatory framework in anticipating the directives of the European commission for all European countries, including a crystal clear communication of such data to individuals and institutional investors.
    This report presents the carbon balance in the equivalent of CO2 tons, as well as a synthetic vision of the ESG overall score and by portfolio items: Environment, Social and Governance.

    ESG & climate Reporting covers sovereign countries as well as sovereign values and the other securities of the repository that are covered by our provider Vigeo Eiris on the following themes:

    - Carbon footprint
    - Performance in Energy Transition
    - ESG performance
    - Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)
    - Controversies
    - Benchmark (generic provider)
    - Glossary and methodology (FR / EN)

    Video : CACEIS ESG