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Discover our digital solutions

Solid and innovative, CACEIS offers you a comprehensive range of products and solutions for all your post investment decision activities, for you to concentrate on what matter the most : your strategy.
Discover our web and digital applications and its principal features.

A mobile app dedicated to our agricultural clients for instant messaging with Front office and placing orders on raw materials.

  • Olis Mobile Agro
  • Dashboard

    Enter your commodity instruction request in the chat.

    Display your order history.

    Contact the support team by chat or by phone.

    Open the chat menu or the order menu.

    Chat Menu

    See all your new messages, your spokespersons and if they are available.


    Create a new request. Set your orders directly inside your chat with CACEIS team. Our team formalize your request. 

    Follow on going orders.

    See your closed orders.

    Timeline vision

    Use the timeline vision to see your orders without discussion bubbles.