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> > > Campus Day – 1 in 2 attendees succeed in finding a job

Campus Day – 1 in 2 attendees succeed in finding a job

International in scope. The event brought together representatives from the Human Resources departments of the three entities in France, Luxembourg and Germany. They presented opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, jobs and Volunteer for International Experience (VIE) programmes to some 56 students attending the second edition of this event.


Opportunities for fixed-term, permanent, VIE or interim contracts.

Held for the first time last year, Campus Day allowed us to retain more than 50% of interns/apprentices looking for a job by offering them interim, fixed-term or permanent contracts.

In Luxembourg, 44% of interns looking for a job were offered a VIE, fixed-term or permanent contract, and 33% of VIEs went on to sign fixed-term or permanent contracts themselves.

Munich was another success story, with 70% of VIEs going on to find a job.


The first two rounds were such a great success that Campus Day will be held again next year.

Find job offers here: a wide range of opportunities in accounting, management control and asset management can be found in the careers section of the CACEIS website.