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- Laurence Pochard

L'Equity Bridge Financing en 7 questions

Laurent Durdilly, Head of Global PERES Services

Edouard Eloy, Group Product Manager -...

Equity Bridge Financing solution helps improve IRR

Nicolas Palate, Head of Private Equity and Real Estate Relationship...

- Owain McNeill

Selecting Service Providers

Owain McNeill, Business Development Director, CACEIS in United Kingdom

- Benoît Menou

Le métier titres est sorti de l'ombre

Jean-François Abadie, Chief Executive Officer, CACEIS



- Sébastien Lambotte

Bâtir sur de bonnes fondations

Laurianne Delaunay, Senior Relationship Manager - private equity, real estate & infrastructure,...

- Funds Europe

Fund Administration: AIFMD still the most significant regulation 

Pierre Cimino, Managing Director, CACEIS in Luxembourg