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Integrated services and products for your needs

CACEIS offers a fully-integrated set of services designed to suit the requirements of institutional clients such as Insurers (Life and Non-life), Pension Funds & Retirement Schemes

By gaining a complete understanding of your business and goals, we work with you, acting as a close business partner. Our services enable you to concentrate on your core business, your development strategy and the management of your assets and liabilities.

Institutionals CACEIS manager

«We aim to become a close business partner»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Director

Institutionals : our services

CACEIS facilitates your Solvency II compliance

For Solvency II regulation, you have to:

- meet your look-through requirements by enriching your assets’ database with reliable and checked data

- meet your reporting and SCR calculation requirements

CACEIS can industrialise the process and reporting thanks to:

- our vast financial database,

- our reliable and scalable software packages within a powerful, flexible and autonomous IT infrastructure.

We will deliver the Tripartite format (Ampere) file, recognised as the European standard for Insurers, to get standardised & high quality data for their global assets and for asset managers.

«We help you to be Solvency II compliant»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Look-through

    CACEIS collects inventories based on tailored NDA agreements:

    - with asset managers

    - within our own funds

    - and interfaces with external custodian and funds’ inventory providers

  • Data enrichment

    We are a leading Data Management player with a rich database, a dedicated team, a high volumetric capacity.

    To produce the Tripartite file we propose a very simple organisational model.

    We offer a high level of controls of financial instruments’ features.

  • SCR calculation

    Our risk experts evaluate gross market SCR provide you with indicative gross market SCR calculation.

CACEIS provides insurance clients with pledge management services

Pledging of assets demands monitoring and a dedicated management process.

CACEIS provides you with a solution devoted to pledge management account maintenance.

CACEIS can manage & deliver for you:

- Pledged accounts openings

- Operations (purchase/sale, S/R, incomes)

- Position monitoring

- Specific reports on pledged accounts

- Thresholds alerts

There are two types of pledged accounts with CACEIS:

- Ordinary pledged account (needs the release of the pledging for transfers)

- Permanent released pledged account

«We have proven experience in providing pledge management services»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Pledge management

    CACEIS provides its insurance clients with a pledge management solution:

    - Account openings

    - Operations controls

    - Position monitoring

    - Reports

  • Thresholds alerts

    CACEIS can alert its Clients if ratios breach defined thresholds with the Client (Assets vs Mathematical Reserves)

Build your data exchange network

CACEIS imagined TEEPI as a data exchange network to simplify and boost relationships between financial institutions & asset managers. For instance exchange of regulatory files like Solvency II (TPT) or PRIIPS.

For Asset Managers:
- Create your own company page and centralise your files dissemination. Easily find, invite and follow your investors on TEEPI. Receive report requests and invitations from your institutional clients and grant them access per share class or funds.
- Broadcast and collect TPT files through a single secured platform, disseminate them directly to your clients, thus ensuring data integrity. Receive all TPT files for your funds of funds, from your connections with other Asset Managers.

For Institutionals:
- Easily connect with Asset Managers, find them on TEEPI or invite them to register for free and increase your portfolio coverage. Upload your ISIN database for easy setup or update of your investment perimeter. No further NDA is needed to subscribe to the TPT files you are entitled to receive.
- Manage your TPT collection on a single platform from anywhere, only download what you need when you need it. All the reports you download are standardised and easy to consolidate.

«Simplify your regulatory files exchanges»


Product details

  • TEEPI exchange platform

    CACEIS imagined TEEPI as a data exchange network to simplify and boost relationships between financial institutions & asset managers. For instance exchange of regulatory files like Solvency II (TPT) or PRIIPS.