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A bespoke range of services designed for issuers and their investors

In a constantly changing regulatory and tax environment, issuer companies need to be able to count on bespoke services. CACEIS provides tailored solutions and support, enabling companies to focus on the key challenges of their securities issues.

Issuer Services focus on 4 areas:

- Securities services and financial services (shares, bonds, mutual certificates, warrants, rights, etc.)

- Organisation of general meetings

- Fixed income products (bond issues, negotiable debt securities, warrants, etc.)

- Management of employee shareholding schemes (stock options, free shares, capital increases reserved for employees) and registered employee share accounts

CACEIS is enhancing its technology offer and provides solutions for digitalising communication flows between your shareholders and employees.

Corporates CACEIS manager

«A tailored service designed to ensure the success of all your projects»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Director


OLIS Mobile Shares is an application dedicated to the shareholders of listed companies whose accounts are registered in direct form with CACEIS Corporate Trust. It allows online management of registered securities accounts. As a customer of CACEIS Corporate Trust, you automatically benefit from this service. You have to customize your login and PIN when creating your account on the mobile application.

Corporates : our services

A turnkey solution

As a leading registrar agent for companies listed on Euronext Paris, CACEIS provides high quality services tailored to your needs and those of your registered shareholders and employees.

«Putting our experience to work for you»

Irina Brunet - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Share capital management

    - Monitoring and updating outstanding capital and voting rights

    - Relations with market authorities (Euronext, Euroclear and financial intermediaries)

  • Registered accounts management

    - Management of the register of shareholders

    - Account-keeping for direct registered shareholders

    - Payment of dividends and bond interests

    - Execution of corporate actions

    - Monitoring of stock market orders

    - Responsive and available investor relations team

    - Emailing solutions on communicating with investors

  • Dividend payment

    - Distribution of detailed information to the market (dividend in cash or in shares, applicable tax, calendar)

    - Payment to direct registered shareholders

    - Payment to financial intermediaries

    - Follow-up of tax returns

    - Attendance fees payment to administrators

  • Corporate actions

    - Analysing and structuring technical details

    - Establishing detailed planning

    - Relationship with financial intermediaries

    - Collection of mandates and funds

    - Issuance of news securities and delivery to investors

A comprehensive and modular service

Our experts are available to find solutions appropriate to your needs, based on the latest digital technologies.

«Together, we are moving forward with a digital approach to meet your needs»

Irina Brunet - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Preparatory work

    - Schedule

    - Legal announcements

    - Shareholder convening notice by post (paper or digital)

    - Opening of the voting website

  • Management and monitoring of shareholders responses

    - Follow-up of shareholder requests

    - Processing of paper and online responses (requests for admission cards, proxies, proxy to the Chairman, postal votes)

    - Real-time quorum tracking

  • Management of the meeting on D-day

    - Meeting logistics

    - Welcome and registration of the shareholders

    - Votes collection in the room with solutions depending on the size of your meeting (show of hands, optical reader, electronic ballot box)

  • Reporting

    - Simulation and monitoring of Pre-GM votes in real-time on the OLIS website

    - Communication of voting results for each resolution

    - Reports on votes

A comprehensive and flexible offer

CACEIS has developed recognised expertise in the management of all kinds of bond issues: stand-alone bonds, EMTN, euro PP, convertible or exchange bonds, working closely with Corporate and Investment Banks and legal firms.

«Innovative solutions for your financing needs»

Irina Brunet - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Management of bond issues

    - Principal paying agent (calls for funds and maturity processing)

    - Calculation agent

    - Fiscal agent (treatment of tax related to settlements)

    - Listing agent

    - Agent in charge of reimbursement option

  • Keeping the Bondholders' register

    - Account-keeping of the registered bondholders’ accounts

    - Interest & redemptions payment to registered bondholders

    - Tax management

  • Corporate action on bonds

    - Support for structuring and centralising your operations (early repayment, conversion)

    - Dealing with operations on the register, creation and listing of new bonds

    - Delivery of new bonds to subscribers on completion of the operation

  • Domicilation of negotiable securities

    - Applications for ISIN codes

    - Registration at the depositary, Euroclear France

    - Application for listing on Euronext Paris

    - Interest payments and redemption

    - Banque de France regulatory reports

Benefit from our experience

CACEIS, a key player in the management of employee shareholding plans, can assist you in setting up your projects using innovative solutions to take on the administrative management of your plans.

«We regularly update our offer to match your evolving requirements»

Irina Brunet - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Stock options plans and free share award schemes

    - Management of qualified and non-qualified plans

    - Online collection of employees’ acceptance of plan regulations

    - Opening of employee accounts

    - Communication with employees and HR through our OLIS websites and through our Investor Relations team

    - Monitoring and updating of employees’ administrative data (mobility, rights withdrawal)

    - Processing of option exercise and right conversion into shares

    - Management of tax matters

    - Emai solutions for communicating with investors

  • Capital increases reserved for employees

    - Technical support and advice

    - Customised and bespoke subscription website OLIS

    - Communication available in 17 languages

    - Collection of employees’ subscriptions and related payments

    - Completion of the capital increase

    - Delivery of the shares to the employee savings account-keeping company

  • Company saving plans

    - Opening and management of employees’ registered accounts

    - Account-keeping of the shares

    - Follow-up of lock-up periods

    - Dividend payments

    - Monitoring of stock market orders

    - Tax management

  • Stock option exercise bridge

    This innovative solution allows employees to finance their stock option exercises by early release of assets in employee savings plan:

    - Set-up of process with the Employee Savings Plan management company

    - Stock option exercise

    - Account-keeping of the shares

    - Tax management related to the operation