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Banks & Brokers

Banks & Brokers

Focus on your trading activities using our tailor-made support solutions

CACEIS provides efficient and reliable Clearing and Settlement, extensive Custody and Outsourcing Solutions for Corporate and Investment Banks and Brokers.

We offer:

- Pan-European coverage for Cash equity On-Exchanges and Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) with access to related Central Counterparties (CCPs)

- World-wide CSD/I-CSD/sub-custodian network supporting your trading activities (coverage > 80 markets).

CACEIS allows you to focus on trading while we handle all post-trade activities in the rapidly changing capital markets and regulatory environment

You choose your service level:

- Clearing & Settlement only

- Global custody services

- Full outsourcing of middle and back-office processes

To further optimise your infrastructure expenditure, you can also use our Cash Equity and Listed Derivative Execution, Lending and FOREX services.

Banks & Brokers CACEIS manager

«Our tailored solutions allow you to focus on trading and optimise your overheads»

David Vorih - Group Product Manager

Banks & Brokers : our services

Benefit from our expertise and cutting edge Cash Equity Clearing technology

Cash Equity Clearing can be highly automated by combining our in-depth expertise and advanced technology, which provides access to a large number of stock exchanges, MTFs and OTC markets.

CACEIS’s General Clearing Membership for CCP trades supports you through all trading activities. Non-CCP and OTC trades are managed in real-time on more than 80 markets worldwide.

Our experienced operational relationship management team has access to all systems to deal with your queries.

«Many clients rely on our long-standing experience in Cash Equity Clearing»

Sven Beroll - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Trade management

    Direct feed of on-exchange trades from the market (no settlement instruction required).

    Convenient upload of OTC settlement instructions for all offered settlement markets via different formats:

    - Proprietary file or Swift-like format via OLIS or via SFTP

    - Swift-format via Swift

    Efficient processing, validation and enrichment of your transactions

  • General Clearing Member for cash equity clearing

    CACEIS is a General Clearing Member (GCM) of the Cash Equity Clearers: Eurex CCP, LCH Clearnet SA, LCH Clearnet Ltd. (via partner), SIX x-clear, CC&G , EuroCCP and CCP.A.

    If you are a Non-Clearing Member we can facilitate your trading on Stock-Exchanges or Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) by handling the Clearing and Settlement of CCP and non-CCP trades.

  • CSD / sub-custodian network

    CACEIS will provide:

    - Settlement of On-Exchange and OTC transactions (DVP/RVP, FOP) in more than 80 markets across world.

    - Direct connections to CSDs and ICSDs for more efficient settlement

    - The opportunity to determine your preferred way of settlement depending on business and asset class.

    - Real time transaction processing and related settlement

    - Turnaround trades and same day settlements.

  • Settlement internalization

    Economies of scale for common CACEIS client settlements

  • Underlying delivery

    Settlement of the underlying instruments of a Listed Option or Future resulting from an exercise, assignment, allocation or notification.

  • Risk management

    CACEIS will:

    - Monitor your open trade positions and agreed facilities.

    - Provide customised risk reporting.

    - Manage your margin calls by optimised Collateral Management.

  • Margin financing

    CACEIS provides:

    - Collateral to CCPs based on your trading activities.

    - Financing of your margin calls in the context of your overall activity profile using a business-oriented Risk Management approach.

  • Refinancing services

    Your trading activities can be financed based on Contractual Settlement and within the limits approved by CACEIS’s Risk Management division.

Efficient, cost effective & flexible Middle- and Back-Office solutions

CACEIS provides a set of proven middle- and back-office solutions to corporate & investment banks and brokers that will enable your organisation to increase efficiency and to reduce costs. CACEIS will take care of post-trade activities whilst you focus on your core business.

Our solutions are flexible and can be customised to meet your requirements independent of your size, trading volume and business profile.

Outsourcing your middle- and back-office activities will increase flexibility and reduce exposure to transaction volume volatility

«Stay focused on your trading activities, we take care of the post trade processes»

Sven Beroll - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Enrichment of settlement instructions

    Management of Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) and STP enrichment with your settlement instructions and those of your counterparts.

  • Trade confirmation

    CACEIS will:

    - Collate your settlement information and trade confirmations based on your execution and trade details.

    - Send trade confirmation to your counterparty via email, fax, post, or provided to OMGEO.

  • Confirmation matching

    Settlement Pre-Matching of trades executed between you and your broker.

    CACEIS matches your trade instructions and broker confirmations each day to validate your positions and ensure efficient settlement.

  • Trading reconciliation

    CACEIS reconciles your trading and back-office positions.

    We clarify any differences internally or with you if needed.

  • Buy-in management

    CACEIS provides you:

    - Buy-in forecast reporting for your CCP trades that are endangered by Buy-in.

    - Active monitoring and management of trades with risk of Buy-in. Proper measures are proposed and agreed with you in advance (e.g. covering by lending, covering by additional trading, availability of shares etc.).

  • Management of open settlements

    CACEIS will:

    - Handle communication with your counterparties to ensure settlement efficiency and timely settlement.

    - Monitor and clarify un-matched settlements.

    - Agree on Partials and Nettings to increase settlement efficiency.

  • Disposition of securities holdings

    CACEIS ensures settlement of ISINs in different markets:

    - We will calculate your holding requirements for each market (CSD or sub-custodian) based on current positions and open settlements.

    - Transfer holdings automatically to the CSD/Sub-Custodian to cover upcoming settlements.

  • Maintenance of SSI

    CACEIS provides:

    - Quality assurance and maintenance of standard settlement instructions (SSI) and your related clients counterparty data.

    - Delivers the data via your preferred interfaces to your systems.

    - Maintenance of counterparts SSI in OMGEO.

  • Settlement of securities lending, repositary and collateral management

    CACEIS has dedicated settlement teams to treat:

    - Bilateral settlement for Repo and Securities Lending or via tri-party agents according to specific market and country rules

    - Collateral management service.

  • Capital market services

    CACEIS will support your Capital Market Services:

    - Issue & delivery of Global share Certificates to CSDs in your name.

    - Your Paying Agent role is supported by us receiving payments from the Issuer and distributing cash to the holders of securities via relevant CSDs.

  • Regulatory reporting services

    CACEIS will:

    - Meet your regulatory reporting obligations for each market.

    - Provide the relevant data directly to the regulators on your behalf

    - Provide the data to you for onward submission.