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Asset Managers & Funds

Asset Managers & Funds

CACEIS looks after you every step of the way

As an Asset Servicing expert, CACEIS handles the entire fund value chain. Our full range of tailored services enables you to design the framework of the package best suited to your needs.

From fund hosting via our Management Company (ManCo) to assistance with product distribution, we can handle your entire servicing needs.

Asset Managers & Funds CACEIS manager

«Our range of services is designed for Asset Managers and covers the complete fund life cycle from creation to distribution»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Director


OLIS Mobile Funds enables CACEIS clients to follow their funds and perform essential tasks on the go. Access is automatically granted to all CACEIS clients. Credentials are identical to OLIS Portal.

Asset Managers & Funds : our services

Our Management Company handles every aspect of a fund’s administrative and support needs

Take advantage of our Management Company services to increase your focus on investment management.

Offload all administrative and regulatory tasks for your funds to CACEIS. Our experience and market coverage will ensure you benefit from the highest quality servicing.

«Our well-established hosting services enable Asset Managers to launch new investment vehicles at low cost, while focusing on generating value for investors»

Arnaud Misset - Group Products Director

Product details

  • Luxcellence Management Company SA

    Luxcellence Management Company S.A. is a UCITS Management Company and an authorised AIFM supervised by the CSSF, which offers a comprehensive and modular range of third-party management company and risk management services.

    Your Benefits:
    - Full package solution
    - Quick time-to-market
    - Set-up and ongoing running cost savings

  • CACEIS Switzerland SA

    For your funds under Swiss law, our CACEIS teams in Switzerland will be able to provide the local support necessary to ensure your successful growth in this strategic market.

Benefit from our bespoke compliance & audit services

CACEIS, custodian of a broad range of collective investments of all legal forms, has specialist teams which, in partnership with their clients, and using dedicated IT systems, provide statutory supervision and compliance monitoring of management activities.

With our proven experience, CACEIS can offer specific audit services for its clients, against a background where regulation is a crucial area for an Asset Manager and is constantly changing.

«Experienced teams and dedicated contacts who enhance your in-house audit and compliance resources»

Corinne Socha - Group Head of Depositary Control

Product details

  • Custodian bank / Trustee services

    A dedicated, specialist team which works with you on this business

  • Compliance Monitoring / Ratios and reporting for portfolios administered by CACEIS

    Daily monitoring of statutory ratios in a direct link with your teams establishing a relationship of confidence over the long term.

  • Monitoring of regulatory for external custodian

    To simplify your management of counterparties, we can centralise monitoring in coordination with your external custodians.

  • Liquidity monitoring

    Bespoke cash monitoring can be set up to meet your specific needs in this key area.

Outsource the legal management of your funds

By delegating the administrative management of your funds to CACEIS, you will access the expertise of our specialist legal teams. You will benefit from their in-depth knowledge of the expectations of local regulators at each step of the legal life of your funds (launch, reengineering, liquidations, mergers, etc.).

The Fund Structuring team can also support your international growth objectives leveraging our cross-border distribution services for your funds (initial registration and post registration) or through cross-border mergers, within the overall Distribution package offered by CACEIS (see our Fund Distribution offer). CACEIS also provides representative or paying agent services in all countries where CACEIS is present.

Specialised in corporate law, the legal staff from the Fund Structuring team will also help you in preparing and holding board meetings and/or general meetings of SICAV [Open-ended Collective Investment Schemes], thus enabling you to discharge your statutory obligations with complete peace of mind.

«We offer our up-to-the-minute knowledge of the regulatory environment to simplify your growth on the international stage»

Tania Deltchev - Head of Fund Structuring Service

Product details

  • Fund structuring in relation with UCITS, AIFS and institutional funds

    Regulatory & legal assistance in the fund set-up phase and during the complete lifecycle of the fund (product restructuring, domestic or cross-border merger, transfer, liquidation, etc.): drafting of all legal documentation (KIID, articles of incorporation, prospectus, notice to the shareholders/unitholders), interface with the Depositary, the local regulator and/or the notary.

  • Domiciliary agent and company secretarial services (SICAV / FCP)

    Provision of the registered office of the fund, archiving of the fund documentation, assistance with boards and shareholders General meetings (organisation & holding), administrators mandate monitoring, legal publications, assistance with day-to-day legal administrative duties, relationship with local authorities.

  • Guidance in drafting the asset managerial's program of activities

    Assistance in obtaining the Management Company passport, from the drafting to the submission to the local regulator

  • Cross-border fund registration and post-registration services

    - Registration of Funds in the target distribution countries

    - Assistance in appointment of local paying and representative agents

    - Funds representative functions

    - Post-registration services to ensure that the funds registered remain in compliance with all regulations

  • Support activities and cross-functional activities

    Regulatory watch, legal monitoring, Decryptage magazine, Scanning magazine, participation in local regulatory working Groups, Product Support.

  • Representative and paying agent services

    In case of cross-border registration, intermediation between the Fund/Management Company and the local authorities or local investors.

An efficient way to take advantage of sales opportunities

CACEIS helps clients reach their fund distribution goals through our Fund Distribution Service package, which includes Local & Cross-Border Distribution Solutions, Prime TA® Operational Intermediary services, Global Distribution View and Added-Value Services.

For over 10 years, and across more than 35 countries, we have provided customized solutions for domestic and cross-border fund distribution.

Today, CACEIS has become a key business partner for asset managers and distributors seeking an efficient way to take advantage of distribution opportunities both in their home markets and abroad, and grow their business.

«Support your worldwide fund marketing using our services»

Laurent Majchrzak - Group Product Manager

Product details

  • Local Distribution

    Domestic market solutions to optimise local distribution.

    - Static data management (related to funds, distributors and investors).
    - Account administration and compliance in accordance with local legislation, EU directives, like AEOI and other national regulations (such as FATCA), in line with CACEIS’s risk management and compliance procedures.
    - Transaction processing and reporting (subscriptions, redemptions, switches and transfers).
    - Front- and back-end fee calculations.
    - Performance fee calculation.
    - Management and reconciliation of cash and securities.
    - Mandatory regulatory reporting to financial Authorities.

    - Fund registration with CSD.
    - Centralisation of transaction orders for further issue and settlement in CSDs, e.g. France & Germany.
    - CSD participants’ holding reconciliation.
    - Mandatory regulatory reporting to financial authorities.
    - Certification of fund unit/share positions held under custody.
    - Accurate order marking designed to identify the distributors involved in French-domiciled fund orders (bearer securities).
    - Registered investors’ account administration and maintenance of Fund Register for funds not in CSD.

  • Cross Border Distribution

    A single access point for order transmission designed for distributors buying funds units from the asset managers, wherever they are domiciled and where CACEIS acts as the operational intermediary, allowing :
    - Simplified order transmission & processing.
    - Elimination of transaction and holding charges for distributors.
    Available services
    - Registration with target TA: onshore/offshore.
    - Single access point for capturing international distributors’ orders followed by order routing to TA for processing and follow-up of orders from execution to settlement.
    - Cash payment to the fund’s correspondent.

    New service offer to simplify the distribution of french funds abroad with a fund register which includes investor positions.
    - Processing of subscription and redemption orders handled by CACEIS.
    - TA and Register services adapted for French domiciled funds designed for non-resident distributors.

  • Flexible reporting solutions

    Reports for all players along the distribution chain.

    - Secure & real-time reporting.
    - Ad-hoc reporting on holdings, transactions, commissions, dividends.
    - Multiple formats: PDF, CSV, XLS.
    - Multi-channels communications: Web, email, FTP, CFT.
    - Data shopping facilities, in which users can add or remove data.
    - White-labeled reporting solution.

    - Order acknowledgment, contract notes, portfolio valuation, dividend confirmation, etc.
    - Personalised, multi-lingual reporting including traditional Chinese.
    - Customised document layouts and powerful fulfilment capacities.
    - Reduced time-to-market deliveries through different media: automated faxes, email, internet.

  • Global distribution view

    Consolidated view of holdings and sales activity throughout the Asset Manager’s Fund range

    - Mirroring of orders and positions that do not transit via Prime TA®.
    - Split of 3rd party TA and aggregators’ global positions into detailed distributor and investor positions.
    - Reconciliation of the CSD’s overall position.
    - Consolidated view of holdings and activities across asset managers’ and fund promoters’ entire product range.

    - Centralised on-line creation and maintenance of distribution networks (unlimited hierarchy levels).
    - Real-time distributor positions fed by the Fund register, and the Prime TA® and Mirroring services.

    - Calculation and payment of trailer fees to distributors.
    - Automation of notification process and payment flows.
    - Fee adjustment, before or after the notification process.
    - Dynamic control of the whole Trailer Fee process.

  • Added value services

    Effective services to outsource administrative and operational burdens.

    - Fund registration in the target distribution country.
    - Appointment of local paying and information agents.
    - Fund representative functions.
    - Post-registration services to ensure that the funds registered remain in compliance with all regulations, notably by providing the required financial, statistical and fiscal reports to local authorities.
    - Market intelligence using our expertise in local distribution channels and market practices as well as our close relationship with local regulatory and fiscal authorities.

    - STP flows in place with major clearing platforms: FundSettle/Euroclear, Vestima+/Clearstream,etc.
    - Connection to fund distribution platforms: Allfunds, Axeltis, MFEX, EMX, NSCC, etc.
    - Interface to connectivity platforms like Calastone.
    - Connection to the Swift network, Fin and XML messages, for orders and positions.
    - Middleware application allowing translation of proprietary message formats.
    - OCR application to increase STP and mitigate risk on fax orders.

    - Transaction hub for Asset Managers investing in several third-party investment funds.
    - A single account by fund manager where all positions in target funds are shown.
    - Extended on and offshore Funds & Registrars database.
    - Corporate Actions processing (equalisations, roll-ups, etc.
    - Proxy voting.
    - Reconciliation with target TAs, pricing collection and controls for NAV computation.
    - Investment allocation: allocating the incoming subscription/redemption flows for further investment into several target funds.

  • On-line services

    - Fund managers to monitor all incoming and outgoing order flows on-line before and after the fund cut-off time.
    - All authorised intervening parties to monitor all trades for a specific dealing day or a date range.

    - On-line tool that allows Asset Managers and Distributors to input transactions that are then automatically transmitted to CACEIS’s core TA system.

    - New on-line web solution allowing end-investor to visualise their share and unit positions and monitor their transactions.

    - Monitor the investors’ trading behavior using internal and external data, e.g. social media.
    - Identify key investors and distribution markets.
    - Adapt its product range to the type of investor and distribution patterns.