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Swiss Life Global Solutions and Amundi join CACEIS’s TEEPI platform

Date 22-06-17
Swiss Life Global Solutions, a key insurance and wealth management player in Luxembourg, and Amundi, the leading European asset manager, have joined TEEPI in light of the solution’s many advantages...

Primary Lending Funds: a new investment opportunity for French funds

Date 19-06-17
As part of a move towards banking disintermediation in France, certain French Alternative Investment Funds can now grant loans directly to corporates. In Europe, private debt funds have been very...


Date 13-06-17
Local Management Bastien Charpentier CACEIS Bank, Germany Branch Holger Sepp CACEIS Bank, Germany Branch Philippe Durand CACEIS Bank, Germany Branch Christian Nolot CACEIS Bank, Germany...

Data analytics services: unlock your data’s potential

Date 13-06-17
Massive databases, together with powerful technology, open up new opportunities for asset managers, enabling enhanced reporting capabilities, more transparency on distribution and marketing...

N°50 — June 2017

Date 08-06-17
CACEIS News - The Asset Servicing Journal Rethinking risk prediction modelsExploring new methodologies for strengthening macroeconmic modelsCACEIS mandated to service Amundi Italian fundsPrimary...


Date 07-06-17
Background The regulation (EU) 648/2012 dealing with over-the-counter ("OTC") derivatives, central counterparties ("CCPs") and trade repositories ("TRs") applies since...

Option Finance

Date 06-06-17
Les  dépositaires participent à l'attractivité de la Place de Paris Grâce aux différentes mesures annoncées pour améliorer la compétitivité des sociétés de gestion, les dépositaires vont...

Multi-Channel Communication

Date 02-06-17
Multi-Channel Communication Use the communication channels that suit your needs CACEIS offers a wide range of communication channels for exchanging information with clients. This gives us the...

Fund administration

Date 02-06-17
Fund administration A unique approach for bespoke outsourcing A unique approach with bespoke services CACEIS provides fund administration services with a specific angle. - Fund Accounting - Spv &...

Fund Financial Control and Reporting

Date 02-06-17
Fund Financial Control and Reporting The ability to manage complex administration cost effectively. Outsource your adminstration We can provide support for your business by handling complex and...
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