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Demo Space

Find out all our applications

Solid and innovative, CACEIS offers you more than 100 products and solutions for all your post investment decision activities, for you to concentrate on what matter the most : your strategy.
To help you realize how we can provide you, we decided to set up a demonstration space of some of our applications and give you insights of these solutions.
Have a nice visit!

  • Manage all your cash transfers
  • Manage all your cash transfers

    Via Caciopay, manage your cash transfers (inernal, international or in the euro zone) and your cash forecast.

    Your payments are handled in all authorised currencies with which CACEIS has an opposite number (list on request). 

    Follow your cash transfers
    4-6 eyes validation and customized threshold

    You have the possibility to configure who can initiate and/or validate cash transfers and set cash transfer limits to each user.



    Beneficiary Management

    With Caciopay,  you can manage your beneficiary list, secure the addition of beneficiaries with the 4 eyes validation.

    Allow cash transfers only your list of beneficiaries.